Making A Difference for
Children with Autism


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Who We Are

Autism Outreach Foundation's (AOF) mission is to help low income families receive grants so that their children can receive the therapy that they need. AOF is made up of a small community of volunteers that give up a few days a week to fundraise and collect donations. This is how we are able to provide so many grants. Without our volunteers and the fact that they give up their time so freely giving, we would have no grants to offer. Most of our volunteers have been impacted by autism in some way or another. Some have children, grandchildren, or are just very close to someone who has been affected by autism.


Why We Help

Research shows that early intervention services can greatly improve a child’s development. In order to make sure your child reaches his or her full potential, it is very important to get help for an autistic child as soon as possible. Once your child has been diagnosed with autism, sometimes it can feel like your life changes. We try to provide resources to families so that they can get connected with other families so that they do not feel isolated or alone.


Kids Around the World, Autism Foundation in Lynnwood, WA


Autism Outreach Foundation is a great resource for grants. We can also provide the public with general information on support groups in their area and other nonprofits that might be able to help cover their needs if AOF can not help.


We accept any donation size. However, you may purchase bracelets, water bottles, pens, key lights, and magnets that will help make a difference in the life of another. We are currently accepting generous donations via checks, credit cards and, Pay Pal®.




Contact us at (425) 435-9925 for more information about Autism Outreach Foundation.

Helping Families in the greater Western Washington area.

Autism Outreach Foundation is Registered with Washington Secretary of State.

Washington Charities Program Number

360-725-0378  /  1-800-332-GIVE  (WA only)




 Partners in Health, Families and Professionals Annual Picnic.


This event was amazing. Alot of people turned out for a day of fun. We were able to meet with other community groups and work together for a common goal.

After attending this event the phone has not stopped ringing. This is a great thing !!! We look forward to attending the next event and we will post the time, date, and

location on our website as well as on Facebook.